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Introducing Klys – the Cornish secret to happiness

By 22nd November 2017News

Move over hygge…The new comfort buzzword we’re all aiming for this winter is ‘klys.’

Klys is essentially the same as hygge but with one crucial difference – klys is Cornish.

Being snug and warm anywhere is great, but being cosy in Cornwall is just the ultimate. You get wall-to-wall sea views, fresh ocean air and amazing local food all surrounded by magical Cornish nooks and crannies. It’s all too easy to do a quick sidestep into a charming local pub and hunker down by a log burner with a hot chocolate. These little moments of winter bliss are the essential elements of hygge but the added Cornish-ness is enough to send anybody’s comfort levels off the scale.

Follow these five simple steps to let the klys times roll.

Find a cosy spot

Any spot gets the instant klys treatment when you add good friends, hot chocolate and a dog into the mix! Whether it’s inside or outside, Cornwall is just bursting with cosy klys zones waiting to be discovered. Amongst the sand dunes, in a beer garden or even in the cosy confines of a caravan, the beauty of klys is that it can be created anywhere you want.

Enjoy the views

Nothing is more life affirming than breathing in the fresh Cornish air whilst massaging your eyes with a view of our stunning coast. Breathe in deep and take note of the feeling that touches your soul…You guessed it! That feeling is klys.

Wrap up

Soft knits and warm layers that smell of home are a necessity for any klys-hunter (hand knitted woollies get extra klys points), so dig out those knitting needles and conjure up some of your own instant klys.

Tuck into a treat

If there’s one thing us Cornish do well, it’s food. We know that you’re happy when you’re taste buds are happy.

You can find klys in our online chocolate shop by simply popping one of our delicious chocolate bars into your basket. When it arrives, it’ll give your endorphin levels a boost and a klys rush of your very own.

Be romantic

Whether you trek the coastal paths or take it easy on the sands, you’ll soon see how that klys feeling fills you with warmth – Cornish beaches are perfect for a romantic stroll whatever the weather.

So there you have it! You’re ready to experience life on Cornwall’s cloud nine and trust us, it’s utter bliss – oops, we mean ‘klys.’