Our Story

From broken hearts to grazed knees, we’re big believers that there’s no problem that can’t be solved with chocolate – our whole company is proof of that!

We set up shop in 2005 to help put food on the family table; many years and a lot of hard work later, we’re Cornwall’s largest artisan chocolate maker, supplying to shops, tourist attractions and little hands everywhere.

It all began in early 2004 when our Managing Director Alex, his wife Jayne, daughter Nicola and her husband-to-be Andy opened Kernow Harvest, a Cornish food and drink store in Wadebridge. It quickly became apparent that in order to survive in the world of retail we needed to sell something that we produced ourselves. After considering a few options, chocolate seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Kernow Chocolate was born in early 2005. Our small family business soon grew even further when Alex and Jayne’s son Philip and his partner Vicki returned from Australia to bolster the ranks.

We began by selling our chocolate at Kernow Harvest, local farmers’ markets and as many food and drink shows we could get to. Before long, we started to supply more and more farm shops, delicatessens and many local tourist attractions. Production stepped up a notch, and it has continued to expand ever since.

In 2015 we moved production from the original factory on our family farm to a vacant Ministry of Defence building on the old RAF St Eval site. Our factory hosted visits from the general public and welcomed thousands of chocolate mad customers until the 2020 lockdown. During this time the inner working of the factory have changed and we are no longer open to visitors.


We’re proud to be Cornish and employ over 20 staff from our local community. Say hello to our very own Oompa Loompa’s!