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The 5 types of chocolate eaters everyone knows

By 6th June 2018News

From the nibblers to the gnawers, the suckers to the savourers, we’ve all met one of these chocolate eaters once or twice! Which one are you?

The Nibbler

The Nibbler is usually not much of a sweet tooth. Although often found with a bar of chocolate to hand, they can take it or leave it and they tend to just have the odd taste here and there.

Often doing said nibbling whilst on the move, they see chocolate more as a sugary-fuel than a delectable sweet treat – but they’ll never be without a nibble for too long or far away from a cheeky chocolate button or too.

Most likely to: Find The Nibbler’s secret chocolate stash in the car.

The On-The-Goer

On the surface, it seems like The On-The-Goer just doesn’t seem to appreciate chocolate. Often seen having in-depth conversations with people and sometimes even caught munching away on a bar of chocolate mid-meeting, On-The-Goers don’t ever seem to stop to savour each bite. They just keep going and going and going – and they never seem to get full.

They aren’t too experimental with their chocolate choice either, mainly sticking to either plain milk or white chocolate.

Most likely to: Find The On-The-Goer at the vending machine.

The Scoffer

The Scoffer will take on chocolate in ANY form; by the bar, by the bucket, by the slab, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s in large quantities!

Known to have the diet of a yoga enthusiast during the week, yet, come Friday their inner unsupervised-child-in-a-sweet-shop comes out, The Scoffer can put away a serious amount of chocolate in a short space of time and can often be found slumped on the sofa on a Friday night, with little to no plans for movement apart from some hurried unwrapping of chocolate bars.

Chocolate, with lashings of chocolate and a side of chocolate is The Scoffer’s favourite meal (but only on the weekends because calories don’t exist, apparently).

Most likely to: Be happiest when realising their favourite bar has just been released in family size or seeing that their favourite biscuits now come coated in chocolate.

The Savourer

Seeing chocolate as a god-like object and as something that should be savoured with every bite, nothing can interrupt or come between The Savourer and their chocolate eating experience. You will NEVER see The Savourer tucking into a bar of chocolate whilst going about their daily activities; instead they’ll wait until they have nothing to do and no distractions so they can enjoy every morsel, texture and flavour of a much-loved chocolate bar.

The Savourer doesn’t often bite or chew chocolate, instead they’ll suck until it melts away to nothing but liquid goodness.

Most likely to: Opt for solid, good quality, dark chocolate so the ultimate chocolate-eating experience lasts for as long as physically possible.

The Connoisseur

The Connoisseur takes chocolate enjoyment to a whole other level. They don’t do chocolate by halves and you certainly won’t find them at the local garage picking up a bog-standard bar on the way to work. Instead, you’ll find them in local delis, scouring online suppliers and hunting through markets trying to source the most exquisite flavours and bars they can find.

Dark chocolate is a firm favourite of The Connoisseur – but not just any dark chocolate, it needs to be at least 50% cacao and from an exotic country far away. They don’t do mainstream.

Most likely to: Be accused of being a hipster.

So, which are you? Tell us in the comments!