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The Best Chocolate and Booze Combos

By 25th April 2018News

Chocolate and alcohol; arguably two of the greatest things ever invented. Whatever your tipple of choice, there’s a perfect chocolate flavour to match.

But balancing the tones and tastes together can be tricky so before you pop the cork, take a look at these suggestions for the perfect Kernow Chocolate and alcohol pairings…It’ll revolutionise those cheeky night caps forever.

70% cocoa and whiskey

When it comes to pairing chocolate with your whiskey, it’s best to keep it classic – especially if you are sipping on an Old Fashioned Muddled with a fine-aged whiskey and bitters. A good quality dark chocolate will have the bitterness kicked into check whilst giving the whiskey a bit of added oomph.

Lemon Meringue and Chardonnay

A dry white wine cuts nicely though our deliciously moorish Lemon Meringue white chocolate. The creamy chocolate texture will be balanced perfectly by the sharp flavours of a good quality Chardonnay, making a perfect pairing for sipping and enjoying in the sunshine.

Sea Salt/Chilli & Lime and Tequila

Have you heard about the new way to do Tequila? Licking a line of salt and sucking on a lemon is soooo outdated. These days, all the cool kids have a square of Sea Salt chocolate before the shot, followed by a square of Chilli and Lime chocolate. If you really want to do it properly, you should also use one of our chocolate shot cups.

Banoffee and Rum

Fancy being transported to a tropical beach with white sands and crystal clear waters? Well, plane tickets are quite expensive but we can transport your senses to a Caribbean hideaway instead by pairing a rum tipple with the flavours of bananas, toffee and chocolate. Simply pour yourself a rum, unwrap a bar of our Banoffee milk chocolate and let your imagination do the rest.

Raspberry and Shiraz

Shiraz is renowned for its strength so you need a chocolate flavour that’s equally as strong to balance out the tannins (that’s proper wine talk). We suggest a bitter dark chocolate combined with the tangy sweetness of raspberries – it’ll enhance the flavour and make your tastebuds sing.

Have you got a favourite Kernow Chocolate/tipple combo? Let us know in the comments!