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You’ll never guess when the best time and place to eat chocolate is…

By 8th May 2018News

We all know that chocolate is delicious to eat any time anywhere, but it’s impossible not to have some favourites!

Our Chocolatier’s Apprentice (best job ever?!) had the tough task this month of eating chocolate at different times of the day in different places to determine which combo worked best #itsahardlife. Here’s what she discovered…

After work

My number one, ultimate time to enjoy chocolate is on a Friday night – work’s out for the week, you have the whole weekend ahead of you and it it’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy some down time. I’ll often swing by a shop on my way home, stock up on goodies and hibernate for the evening. If you’re getting snuggly, you can’t go wrong with a bar of warming Chili & Lime or try the Lemon Meringue flavour on a summer’s evening.

At work

My desk drawer at work is always stocked high with an array of chocolatey goodies – chocolate biscuits, hot chocolate, chocolate toffees – just chocolate in general! I firmly believe that successful meetings are relative to the amount of sweet treats you have beforehand, so stock up here and get ready to smash that next presentation.

At the cinema

Picture this (no pun intended): you’re at the cinema, watching something on the big screen, a big box of popcorn in hand, still warm to touch. Take a bag of Kernow Chocolate’s dark chocolate buttons with you and sprinkle them throughout – I promise this sweet/salty snack combo will revolutionise your movie snacks forever.

After a meal

I am that person who always has two desserts and I’m not afraid to admit it! When out for meal, I’ll often choose a gooey chocolate dessert and then I’ll dive right in when they bring out the after-dinner chocolate mints too. I’ve also been known to order a chocolatey cake before my lunch (what can I say – I’m addicted).

On my birthday

If you can’t indulge on your birthday, when can you?! Firstly, make sure there’s a good selection of chocolate on your all-important birthday list so if people are stuck on what to get you, you know you’re likely to end up with something yummy. Secondly, make sure you source the biggest, chocolatiest cake there is (check out a recipe for one here!) and enjoy a ginormous slice for breakfast. After all, calories don’t exist on birthdays.

At Christmas

The good thing about Christmas? Chocolate is absolutely everywhere. To be honest, you’ll struggle to see me without a bar of orange chocolate in my hand throughout December! It’s the true taste of the festive season.

When baking

I come from a family of bakers; any occasion and there’s cake and, where there’s cake, there’s chocolate toppings! Whenever I’m baking I always take full advantage of the leftovers in the bowl, leftovers on the spoon, leftovers from the packet – pretty much leftovers from anywhere. Kernow’s Sea Life shapes make beautiful cake decorations for a sea-themed celebration.

On a car journey

It goes without saying that you can’t possibly attempt a long car journey without snacks! Not just any old snacks of course – chocolatey ones. I think the best kind of chocolates to have to hand are traditional chocolate buttons, because they’re easy to eat and deliciously moorish!

With a cup of tea

There’s nothing a cup of tea can’t solve and there’s no problem that can’t be solved with chocolate. Together? It’s an unbeatable force. If I’m ever in need of a little comfort, my go-to is always a good old cup of milky tea in my favourite mug with a slab of dark chocolate.

Which times and places would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments!