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The home of hygge

By 17th August 2017News

It’s not a thing. It cannot be won, or earned. It is simply enjoyed as a feeling or a way of life. The indefinable feeling of ‘hygge’ is about making the ordinary day extraordinary by recognising and appreciating life’s simple moments.

Pronounced ‘hue-guh,’ the word – or rather, lifestyle – is the Danish art of happiness. It was designed by our Nordic neighbours to encapsulate cosy, charming or special moments. The art itself literally only requires consciousness – and the ability to slow life down and enjoy the here and now.

Some also refer to hygge as the ‘art of creating intimacy’ or ‘building sanctuary’ with yourself, family and your home. As a Danish invention, there is no direct translation in English for hygge although cosiness, charm, happiness and contentment are all pretty close. Our Cornish version would be ‘klys,’ meaning cosy or snug.

The Danes created the term to help battle the dark, wintery Nordic days. In our little part of Cornwall, we also face many of the same blustery, temperate challenges. That’s what Kernow Chocolate is all about. We’re that delicious, missing piece to complete your comfort puzzle.

Our chocolate delivers a little warmth, happiness and well-being to create that content, cosy, hygge feeling right there in your belly.

Here are a few easy lifestyle tweaks that you can make to bring a little hygge into your life right now:

Light candles

They create a warm atmosphere, as well as a little romanticism. When you get home after exploring the wild Cornish coast paths, light some candles and bunker down with a warming hot chocolate. The simple yet cosy environment will leave you feeling relaxed but energised.

Make time

Slow it down; try and maintain a mellow lifestyle in a hectic world. Disconnect from the online and dedicate some time to life’s simple pleasures: reading, getting some fresh air, baking, or even just slouching on the sofa under your favourite cosy blanket. Perfect that picture with a bar of Kernow Chocolate and a warm mulled wine.

Eat together

Whether it’s a big dinner with friends, an intimate family meal or a bar of Kernow Chocolate with your bestie, share the love.

What goes into your idyllic hygge scene? Let us know in the comments.