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Five Chocolate Gifts Your Mum Would Love

By 28th February 2018News

We actually saw your mum the other day. We were having a lovely chat and the subject of chocolate came up in conversation (no surprise there!) Anyway, she was telling us how much she loves Kernow Chocolate and that she would love a Kernow Chocolate gift this Mother’s Day – what are the chances!?

We know that choosing the right Mother’s Day gift is often a tricky task, so to help you out we thought we’d put together a list of five top chocolate gifts we know she would love! Have a read and take your pick. Trust us, she will be over the moon with any of these…

Hot chocolate spoon

Moments don’t get much more indulgent than snuggling up on the sofa, under a duvet with one of our stir in hot chocolate spoons. Choose from dark chocolate, milk chocolate, orange or salted caramel flavours and watch the happiness spread as she takes a sip. If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift to cause a stir, this is most definitely it!

Chocolate Floral Thins

Your mum mentioned how she’s bored of flowers these days and would much prefer a box of these chocolate floral thins instead. They are just as beautiful as real flowers but much tastier; what’s not to love?

Luxury 24 Bar Collection

Now, if you can’t choose which flavour bar to give your mum, why not gift her the whole collection? The likelihood is that she’ll most definitely be up for sharing some with you, so this is an absolute win-win. Choose between the photographic or the Becky Bettesworth range of wrappers and let the chocolate eating marathon commence!

Chocolate pasty

Your mum kept saying how much she liked both chocolate AND pasties and that she wished there was a way she could enjoy her two favourite things simultaneously. So, imagine how ecstatic she will be when she receives this – a proper job, Cornish pasty made from solid milk chocolate. ‘Ansome!

Jute Bag

If there’s one thing your mum is always telling us it’s that you can never have too many bags or pairs of shoes. Unfortunately, chocolate shoes just don’t work (we did try making some chocolate flip flops once but the thong kept melting between our toes). However, we do make these cute little jute bags which are perfect for beach picnics, shopping trips and keeping her Kernow Chocolate stash safe.

We hope this list helps you choose your mum the perfect gift this Mother’s Day because she most definitely deserves it. And no, she didn’t tell us to say that!