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The chocolate party games that you need in your life this Christmas…

By 7th December 2017News

Fun, feasting and festivities…Christmas is coming!

Nothing shouts Christmas more than a good old-fashioned game with your loved ones after dinner has left you feeling full, but why not ditch the standard Monopoly and Snap options this year and try a chocolatey-fuelled game instead? There’s no such thing as too much chocolate at Christmas after all!

Here are a few of our favourite chocolate-themed party games…

Suck it up

This first one is sure to get people up, out of their seats and feeling competitive as it’s a really simple one to start the night off. All you’ll need is a pack of paper straws and a bag of delicious Kernow Chocolate buttons.

Place a plate in the middle of a table and gather everyone around, ensuring each player has a paper straw and a bowl (If you played Hungry Hippo as a child then you’ll be a natural with this one). Each player simply sucks up a button using their paper straw and places it in their bowl. This continues until the plate in the centre is empty. The winner is the player with the most chocolate buttons in their bowl! More chocolate for the winner? We’ll leave that one up to you!

Chocolate shots

Beware, this one could get a little messy! For this game you’ll need a box of our tasty chocolate shot cups, some milk, a way to heat it up and a thermometer.

It’s a game of gambling and chance; the hotter the temperature of the milk, the more points you get. The catch? You have to pour the hot milk into your chocolate shot cup and drink it before the cup melts! ‘As useful as a chocolate teapot’…yep, I don’t think we need to say anymore! How long will you leave it?

Guess the flavour

You should know by now just how wildly and wonderfully varied our delicious range of chocolate bars are! Why not grab a bundle (we’d recommend a few of the festive flavours too), break them up into little squares, grab a blindfold and get going with this novel little game.

To play, gather all players in a circle and take it in turns to wear the blind fold. The designated ‘feeder’ chooses a flavour of their choice to give to the blindfolded player, who then has to guess the flavour they’ve been given correctly. If you’re feeling a bit naughty, then you could contemplate throwing a few not-so-nice things into the mix too (don’t ask us about the chilli encounter circa 2009)…

Tricky to eat

This one is a classic. It’ll require a little more forethought but believe us – it’s well worth it!

Gather a few items of fancy dress (think bobble hats, scarves, oven mitts, your granny’s flowery dress…), take a large block of Kernow Chocolate, a knife, fork, a pair of dice and you’re good to go.

Players will need to sit in a circle with each person taking it in turns to roll the dice – the goal is to roll a double number. When a double is successfully rolled, that player must put the fancy dress items on as quickly as possible and, using the knife and fork, cut into the chocolate. The player needs to eat as much chocolate as possible before the next double number is rolled and the next person gets to have a go. It’s a quick, competitive game but you’ll be laughing all the way through.

Cream, cream, cream

We’re sorry, it’s another messy one! This is a bit of a silly one but it’ll leave you in fits of giggles.

Gather your players in a circle giving everyone a paper plate to place in front of them. Pile whipped cream high onto the paper plate (you can nab some from the top of the trifle if need be), and then place some chocolatey goodies on top of the cream. On the whistle, each player needs to get down on their hands and knees with their hands behind their back to eat the chocolate. The first player to finish all of their chocolate is the winner!

Chocolate treasure hunt

Everyone loves getting a little competitive, especially at Christmas time when you’re surrounded by siblings and other family members.

To play, take some of our chocolate Christmas goodies and hide them all around the house. Players all need to assemble at the same point and wait for someone to shout ‘go!’ before dashing off to collect as much chocolate as possible. Each player can enjoy their own finds, with the winner also receiving something extra special – we think our chocolate pasty would make a great prize!

What chocolate party game would you add to the list? Whichever one you choose to play this season, good luck, have fun and we hope you have a very Merry, chocolate-filled Christmas!