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The Best Ways to Celebrate St Piran’s Day

By 15th February 2018News

Cornwall’s national day isn’t too far away and we love celebrating in true Cornish style. Held annually on 5th March, St Piran’s Day is named after the patron saint of both Cornwall AND tin Miners. Geddon me ‘ansome.

Us Cornish are proud folk, so when it comes to celebrating our national day we pull out all the stops. The local team here at Kernow Chocolate have made a list of all their favourite ways to celebrate St Piran’s Day, all of which are sure to get you in the mood for some Cornish style revelry!

Join a Parade

The buzz around St Piran’s Day Parades grows every year and this year there are parades all across our great Duchy. Whether you’re in at the beach in Perranporth, down south in Redruth, near the moors in Bodmin, in our capital Truro or way down West in Penzance, you’re sure to find a proud group of Cornish folk marching, drumming and singing through the streets. Click here for more details of parades near you.

Wave a Flag

Nothing gets you in the mood for a celebration quite like a spot of flag waving, so we recommend finding yourself a St Piran’s Flag and start swaying it high for all to see.

Dress in Black, White and Gold

You could go the whole hog and invest in some traditional Cornish tartan or you could opt for a subtler nod to the tradition and dress yourself in black white and gold. Whichever option you go for, it’s sure to put you in a celebratory mood, which brings us nicely on to our next point…

Join in Perrantide Celebrations

Perrantide is a week of celebrations from the 28th of February leading up to St Piran’s day on 5th March that’s packed full of tasty Cornish traditions. If you haven’t already ditched them, it’s time to forget all your good intentions for 2018 and get stuck into a pasty (we recommend our Kernow Chocolate Pasty!), drink some Cornish cider and have a jolly good time doing lots of Cornish things. ‘Quaff, nosh and laugh’ seems to be the general rules of thumb and this week usually sees plenty of special events and festivities across The Duchy too.

Do the Trelawny Shout

If you only do one thing this St Piran’s Day, make sure you lend your voice to the Trelawny Shout. All you have to do is head down to one of the many pubs participating in the event and take part in a mass singing of the Cornish Anthem ‘The Song of The Western Men.’ Don’t worry if you don’t know the words, you’ll soon pick it up and it’s all in aid of The Cornwall Community Foundation. Click here to find out more.

So, next time someone asks how you’ll be celebrating St Piran’s Day, you can now say ‘Geddon me bewty, I’ll be doin’ the Trelawny Shout in my Cornish tartan whilst waving a flag, eating a pasty and marching in a parade!’ Wishing you all a merry Perrantide and a Happy St Piran’s Day from all of us at Kernow Chocolate.