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Our spookiest chocolate Halloween recipes

By 25th October 2017News

Halloween is just around the corner and for us, it’s just another reason to indulge in more of our favourite thing…CHOCOLATE!

This is definitely a treat and not a trick; we’ve put together a few of our favourite spooky chocolate recipes for you to make at home this weekend.

Ghostly Strawberries

We all know that chocolate and strawberries are the perfect taste combo – plus, you can eat them guilt-free as you’re also getting one of your five-a-day. We’ve added a ghoulish twist to this devilishly delicious recipe so that it’s shockingly simple to make with the kids at home;

  1. Wash and dry some strawberries.
  2. Slowly melt a generous handful (or three, but who’s counting?!) of our dreamy white chocolate couverture buttons in a glass bowl. Place the bowl inside a saucepan over an inch or two of boiling water and stir the chocolate as it melts.
  3. Once you have smooth liquid chocolate, dip your strawberries so they’re almost completely covered and set them aside to dry. Don’t worry about pools of chocolate gathering on the plate – it adds to their ghostly appearance.
  4. Next, melt a small amount of dark or milk chocolate as preferred in the same way as above.
  5. Dip a cocktail stick into the darker chocolate and draw ghoulish faces on your strawberries.
  6. Allow to cool and hey presto! You’ve got the spookiest strawberries around.

Chocolate Spider Webs

These white chocolate spider webs (see the pic at the top of the page!) are the perfect spine-chilling addition to any dessert and are delicious adornments to fairy cakes, fruit salads and even cocktails;

  1. Gently melt some white chocolate in a glass bowl over an inch or two of hot water.
  2. Using a decorating bag, pipe the chocolate onto a stencil film if you’re using one (handy tip: parchment paper will work just as well).
  3. To make your webs identical, use a stencil (which can be downloaded here). Place your stencil under the parchment paper or stencil film and carefully trace over the lines with your liquid chocolate. You might be interested to know that at this point it’s totally acceptable to ‘pipe’ directly into your mouth. Give it a try now…
  4. If you are going stencil-free (you cheeky thing, you), let your creative juices flow and pipe out whatever spooky shapes take your fancy.
  5. Allow your chocolatey creations to set in the fridge. Carefully remove them from their backing and place of top of your Halloween goodies!

Chocolate Bark

This one has made our spooktacular recipe list because the decorating possibilities are endless. The usual rules don’t apply when it comes to making delicious chocolate bark – especially at Halloween;

  1. Melt up your favourite Kernow Chocolate bar flavours (we fancy our banoffee milk chocolate swirled into our cookies and cream for this one). Roughly 600g of chocolate will cover a large baking sheet.
  2. Swirl and drizzle any which-way you like onto a parchment-lined tray. Go wild – use a mixture of dark, milk and white chocolate, as well as coloured sprinkles and icing – whatever takes your fancy!

You can add sweets, coloured sprinkles, and even pistachios and berries. To be honest, we’re yet to discover a combo that doesn’t work – so go nuts (maybe literally) and unleash your inner chocolate demon this Halloween.

If you don’t fancy any of the above, we recommend just tucking into a bar of your favourite Kernow Chocolate for a real treat this Halloween. You can buy any of our flavours here.

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