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Introducing the Chocolatier’s Apprentice…

By 9th November 2017News

Back in September, we sent the internet into meltdown and heard from chocolate lovers everywhere when we launched the search for our first ever taste tester.

Well, we were overwhelmed with how many people applied and it was an extremely tough decision (tougher than choosing when you’ve had enough squares of chocolate and you decide to close the packet for the evening…), but one chocoholic emerged victorious.

Without further ado, let’s meet the lucky so and so…

Hi Chocolatier’s Apprentice – we’re super excited to have you on board! Tell us a little about yourself and your chocolate loving history.

Hi everyone! My name is Hayley, I’m 23-years-old, I live in a lovely little seaside village along the North Devon coast and my day job involves marketing UK travel and cottage holidays.

I’ve always loved chocolate! For as long as I can remember I’ve had the world’s biggest sweet tooth. My idea of heaven is a giant hot chocolate (with all the trimmings, obviously) and an endless pack of chocolate chip cookies for dunking! As I’ve grown up I’ve realised I can’t treat myself at every opportunity, so I’ve had to reign it in…but go without? Of course not! Now, I just sneak it in where possible; in my porridge, on my toast – everything in moderation after all!

Why did you want to be our Chocolatier’s Apprentice?

I can’t deny it, the main motivator for me applying for the role was the monthly chocolatey package which will be arriving through my letterbox for a WHOLE YEAR! Entering a competition to taste chocolate in return for sharing my chocolatey-filled thoughts with the world was something I was not going to pass up…All in the name of taste testing of course!

If you could only eat one Kernow Chocolate flavour for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why?

It’d have to be the toffee apple flavour. For starters, I’m not sure I’ve seen such a unique flavour anywhere else and secondly, autumn is my utmost favourite time of year and the sweet butterscotch chips and tangy apple sprinkled throughout instantly transports me to that cosy, bonfire sense of warmth you get at this time of year. Maybe I’ll try and turn my hand to making toffee apple chocolate-covered apples for all my friends and family.

What’s the naughtiest thing you’d do for a bar of chocolate?

Hmm, well I hate to admit it, but my inner selfishness comes out when it comes to chocolate. I would definitely hide my last piece to save it being eaten by someone else, and I’d go so far as to say I’d probably pinch someone else’s!

How much chocolate do you think you could eat in one go?

A lot! I think most people are often surprised at how much chocolate I can put away in one sitting; I’m definitely a second dessert kind of girl. I can sit and eat a chocolate fudge cake for dessert and then still have a burning desire to satisfy my sweet tooth with a giant bar of chocolate or a pint of chocolate ice cream, perhaps. Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year – there just seems to be an unlimited supply of the stuff everywhere you go!

What would you choose chocolate over?

I’d most certainly choose it over a lot of things; TV, my laptop, an apple, going for a run…However, I am attached to my phone 24/7 so I don’t think I could bear to pull myself away from that, even for a bar of chocolate!

Finish the sentence: “I love chocolate because…”

…it tastes better than anything else on this planet!

What question would you like to ask our Chocolatier’s Apprentice? Let us know in the comments!