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Five reasons our chocolates are deliciously different

By 31st August 2017News

We’re often asked how our artisan chocolate tastes so deliciously different from all the others, so we’ve decided it’s time to let you in on our secrets! Here are five key reasons why we believe our chocolate is the best in the business.

1. It’s all handmade.

Every single gram of Kernow Chocolate is handmade by our skilled chocolatiers at our factory in St Eval, giving it the expertise and care it deserves.

It means we know exactly what goes into each and every bar. Plus, you won’t find massive machinery in our workshop; making in smaller batches allows us to continually produce the finest chocolatey goodies with a whole heap of love and passion thrown in for good measure.

2. We’re a family business.

We’ve been going for 12 years and have been a family business since day one.

Common values, strong commitment and unwavering loyalty form the base of Kernow Chocolate. We love our craft – and we have a giggle whilst we’re doing it!

3. You can drink our chocolate.

Whilst hot chocolate isn’t exactly a new concept, it does usually taste different from eating it. Ours doesn’t. It’s literally like melting one of our bars straight into your mug.

Plus, you can spice up the classic milk option with our dark, orange and caramel sea salt hot choc stir-in spoons. Yummo.

4. Cornwall is foodie heaven.

Cornwall has cultivated a world-class food scene that’s moved far beyond traditional pasties and cream teas, with a multitude of award-winning local food producers and stellar chefs putting the region well and truly on the gourmet map.

People travel from all over the world to sample Cornish cuisine – and we’re right in the heart of it.

5. Our ingredients are ethically sourced.

We source our cocoa from the places that we believe will make the best chocolate. Simple.

Our little sister company, Macondo Chocolate Co., champions single origin chocolate bars made from some of the world’s best cocoa. We’ve also put time into making sure all our packaging is either recyclable or reusable, so you can eat chocolate and help save the planet at the same time. Win win.