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Five chocolate bars that are way better than a Pumpkin Spice Latte

By 11th September 2017News

Yep, it’s official; Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back on their menu. For some, this marks the unofficial start of Autumn, but do they really live up to the hype…or is this one autumn tradition that deserves to be squashed?

We might be biased, but we can think of five of our signature bars that are waaaay yummier (not to mention cheaper!) than Starbucks’s seasonal beverage, and just as perfect for an autumnal fix. Chuck the cup and choose chocolate instead!

1). Caramel Sea Salt.

Our best-selling bar, and rightly so. The combination of Cornish Sea Salt™ and sweet natural caramel flavour creates a taste sensation so delicious it’ll knock that PSL right out of your hand.

2). Chilli & Lime.

Our classic chilli bar infused with zingy natural lime oil will warm you up through those autumn months. A rush of zesty citrus with the comforting hug of mild chilli complements this bar’s mellow, dark chocolate base.

3). Orange Dark.

Another treat that’s been taken to the dark side. To make it extra tangy, we’ve sprinkled this bar with real, chunky, orange-flavoured jelly pieces – so much better than the artificial stuff that is pumped into PSLs and twice as delicious.

4). The Cream Tea.

Quintessentially Cornish, this scrumptious treat is packed full with strawberry jelly pieces and creamy biscuit nuggets. Perfect whatever the weather, America’s so-called “fall in a cup” has got nothing on this.

5). Single Origin Arriba.

A strong milk chocolate from northern Ecuador that’s made from the country’s unique Nacional bean. Nutty and floral notes with butterscotch undertones means that if chocolate bars were people, this one would be a bodybuilding, taekwondo champ.

And if after all of the yumminess above you’re still needing your caffeine fix, try our Coffee bar. A bit like the PSL, this isn’t one that we make all the time – so get it while you can from our Chocolate Shop!