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Chocolate and Food Pairings That Really Shouldn’t Work But Do

By 12th March 2018News

It’s a well-known and accepted fact that chocolate goes beautifully with ingredients like toffee, caramel, fruit and nuts (to name but a few). Recently though, we’ve been researching more unusual chocolate and food pairings on our quest to discover new mind-blowing flavour combinations and have some new ideas to share with you.

Before you dismiss our bizarre suggestions as the babblings of crazy people, we feel the need to point out that these pairings have scientific proof backing them. That’s right, real life scientists in laboratories who use actual science to find out which flavours go together and which ones don’t have confirmed the following combos work – and who are we to argue with science?

Have a read below and let us know if any of these suggestions make your mouth water…

Salmon and white chocolate sauce

This first one is to gently ease you in gently. Starting with a nice, simple meal, we’re bringing a little bit of sweetness to your fish supper with this recipe for salmon and a luxuriously creamy white chocolate sauce.

Gamberi al Cioccolato

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – that is chocolate on prawns. We imagine bitter dark chocolate works best for this recipe but, according to the scientists we mentioned earlier, chocolate and seafood is definitely a thing.

Chocolate covered bacon

Bacon makes everything better; chocolate makes everything better. Surely combining these two magical ingredients can only result in wondrous things? We say the crispier the better when it comes to the bacon and if you fancy drizzling with caramel as well, we totally wouldn’t stop you and we’d probably call you a genius.

Chocolate and cheese grilled sandwiches

If you really think about this one, it isn’t actually that weird. It’s already widely accepted that cheesecakes are nice and cheesecakes are often drizzled with some sort of chocolate, so it’s just plain simple that a grilled parmesan and dark chocolate sandwich is going to tickle those taste buds.

Salt & Vinegar Crisps and chocolate

Now this is a KC HQ fave. Grab a packet of Walkers and dip into a little melted milk chocolate for this instant salty-crunchy-bitter-sweet-sharp fix. Trust us, it’s a game changer and will revolutionise your midweek lunches from now on.

Now that you’re fully informed on the best chocolate and food combinations, we suggest you stock up on our cooks ingredients and start experimenting! Don’t forget to share any photos of your weird and wonderful Kernow Chocolate creations with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!


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